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Mari Hunt
Kadri Klementi
Karin Tõugu
Aet Ader

b210 is an architecture office with a think tank approach to everyday spatial challenges. We believe that positive change in the built environment is driven by a smart design process where architectural ideas are as important as methods of developing them. We design ways of thinking as much as physical spaces.

Being part of a community and the society is important to us and we feel we can contribute with drawing public and government attention to topics of public architecture that need immediate action. Our self-initiated projects and publications aim to provoke informed discussion and change of course, often in cases where the client or the user is under-represented. We have been disparagingly called social workers which we take as a confirmation of the need for a strong alternative to the dominantly profit- or budget-guided thinking in Estonian architecture.

For us it is essential that the work fo the architect is context-driven. Everything created by the architect should have as its basis a specific environment and a location, as well as the societal processes that are ongoing in them. We are not into architecture as a mere decoration. For sure, architecture can be employed to produce objects enjoyable in themselves. Right, but what else is the function of this object? What societal issues does it address?

For this selection of works we took our passion for education in focus, be it teaching at the Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture, designing environments with educational aspect or curating exhibitions and events which draw attention to urgent topics.


Nele Šverns, Anni Kotov, Mari Möldre, Zane Kalnina, Grete Soosalu, Mikk Meelak, Helena Koop, Arvi Anderson, Kalle Komissarov, Lenka Juchelková, Kaidi Õis

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