Arhitektide Liit

© 2008—2019

Exhibition and playground design for Estonian History Museum

Mediating knowledge or art as an intellectual, emotional and environmental experience for the public is our main inspiration and challenge in exhibition design. We enjoy being part of the interdisciplinary teams brought together by art or science museums, developing comprehensive concepts and shaping the experience of the museum-goer.

Newly renovated Estonian History Museum in Maarjamäe palace creates a bigger complex together with Film Museum, Maarjamäe Stables and the outdoor environment. New permanent exhibition My Free Country is an exhibition about Estonian history in recent 100 years. Opened in the 100th anniversary of Estonia, this exhibition takes us throught different stages of the past from the birth of the Republic of Estonia to the modern day. Placed on the second floor of the palace the exhibition fills different rooms with different athmospheres. Each of the eight rooms is presenting an overview of the important events of the era through the displayed artefacts, texts and design. Built on the perception of the athmospere in the rooms, each room offers a different feeling and story.

The Children’s Republic is part of the permanent exhibition as a playful learning environment for kids. Kids are introduced to the organisation and functioning of a democratic state through various hands on exhibits, games and ineriour details. When they get tired of state affairs they can just play in the life size dollhouse or slide down a tube.

The playground in the museum courtyard that is shaped as the map of Estonia offers a playful and abstract view on landmarks of the country. Each object interprts the given topic in a creative form to stimulate broader interest in history through playful physical action and interesting space experience.

Year: 2018
Architects: Aet Ader, Karin Tõugu, Mari Hunt, Kadri Klementi, Helena Koop, Mari Möldre, Nele Šverns