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Lenne Office in Tallinn

The new office of LENNE, the Estonian manufac- turer of children’s clothing, is situated in the former Soviet-era factory building. The 1,100 m2 room is essentially a single empty hall, 8 m high at its highest point.

The whole landscape was designed to be multi-levelled, with sharp facets – exiting to move around and hiding various behind-the-corner stairs, doors and rooms. Here and there you can find relaxation zones for employees. 5 meter trees that reach the roofing beams have a realistic effect.

Client: Lenne OÜ
Project: interior architecture
Program: office
Location: Tallinn
Area: 1100 m2
Status: Completed 2015
Team: Jan Skolimowski, Maie Raud
Awards: Cultural Endowment of Estonia Award 2016, Estonian Association of Interior Architects Award 2016