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The Baltic Pavilion

The Baltic Pavilion explores the built environment of the Baltic States as a shared space of ideas. There are transformative efforts at play which are reprogramming an inert region beyond the delineations of separate nation-states. Recent geopolitical developments around the Baltic States have created a sense of urgency in the initiation of new spatial practices that unite the region and underpin the foundations of the European Union.

This exhibition and a series of related events presents a cross-section of Baltic space. In light of the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch, the developments in this region will unfold as a non-linear stratigraphy. The Baltic Pavilion exhibition functions as an intertwined section through the current entanglement of identities, spatial practices, infrastructures and geological resources.

The exhibition is co-desgned and co-curated by Johan Tali alongside curators from Latvia and Lithuania to form the Baltic Pavilion curatorial team.

Commissioners: Raul Järg (EE), Janis Dripe (LV), Ona Lozuraityte (LT), Jonas Žukauskas (LT)

Curators: Karlis Berzinš, Jurga Daubaraite, Petras Išora, Ona Lozuraityte, Niklavs Paegle, Dagnija Smilga, Johan Tali, Laila Zarina, Jonas Žukauskas

Producers: Architecture Fund, Estonian Centre of Architecture

Partners: Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia, The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Contemporary Art Centre, Lithuania