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Horizon (2015)
an outdoor installation exhibited at “Open(ed) Borders”
the opening exhibition of the gallery of the Estonian Academy of Arts

site-specific video installation, 57’’
HD projection, sound

Horizon was a visual excursion of distorted perspectives. New dimensions of reality only revealed themselves while being observed from the right angle. Visitors were challenged to detect the implicit borderline of reality and walk along to open up a set of imaginary scenes and witness how this unequivocally bounded space can be so spectral and real, objectified and subjectified, visionary and nostalgic, emerging and vanishing all at once – it only depends on the point of view. In order to follow the storyline and experience it from a realistic perspective one has to move along with the sliding vantage point on the border of the projection area.

I’ve visited the courtyard of Tallinn Artist Hall regularly since early childhood. It has been a relevant subject for my spatial imagination as long as I remember. The visual elements of the video installation are extracted from the memories I’ve loaded the site with. As such, the installation attempts to capture the whimsies of evolving spatial imagination and dissolve the differentiation of imaginary and real.

curators: Eda Tuulberg, Merilin Talumaa, Tiiu Parbus
exhibitors: Johanna Jõekalda (Alina Orav, Henri Hütt, Kati Saarits, Kristel Saan, Kristina Õllek, Pille-Riin Jaik, Sten Saarits, Uku Sepsivart)
sound: Meri-Kris Jaama
photos: Loit Jõekalda, Tõnis Saadoja
projection sample
audio sample