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Psychotectonics (2016)
an exhibition at the gallery of the Estonian Academy of Arts

databased video installation 13’ 56’’
HD projection (5), sound

“Psychotectonics” examined psst! studio’s research experiments in measuring, recording, analysing and amplifying human spatial perception. Showcasing individual impressions, the exhibition discussed how space is reflected in our experiences and how to reflect these experiences back in space. The recordings of test subjects’ body movements, lines of sight and mood changes were used to express experience in data format. Reanimating individual experiences as databased videomappings and soundscapes psst! searched for visual and sonic qualities in postscientific methods of experience analysis.

As part of the same research head-mounted displays and brain-computer interfaces were combined into a toolset that enables test subjects to walk around in digital 3d models and simultaneously measure their brain activity. The exhibition was based on the first lab tests made in this environment. Eight test subjects were placed in four virtual spaces manipulating with their spatial perception. Their experiences were stored, processed and 3d-mapped (on the initial test environments) to examine the changes in their respective emotional states.

curators, researchers: Johanna Jõekalda, Meri-Kris Jaama
authors, exhibitors: Johanna Jõekalda, Meri-Kris Jaama
technical support: Indrek Jõgi
photos: Johanna Jõekalda, Loit Jõekalda
projection sample
audio sample