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Tartu Kuur (Shed in Tartu)

Tartu, Estonia
private client, 2017-2018

The shed in Tartu is a reconstruction and conversion of a typical two-storey shed in a milieu-protected area in Tartu. On the ground floor, the structure is divided into four sheds for the four apartments in the building. The top floor holds a sauna and a terrace that also functions as an entrance patio to the first floor flat in the 1907 heritage protected historic timber villa next to it. The new structure replaces a derelict typical-to-Tartu two-storey timber shed and converts its programme to one that is more appropriate to current tenants of the historic villa. With it, the top floor becomes an outdoor extension to the one and only flat on the upper floor of the building. It extends the family’s living room outside to the terrace, that in turn extends to the interior of the sauna in the opposite end of the structure.