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Toimumata jäänud tulevikud (Futures That Never Happened)

Estonian National Museum, Heimtali Museum, Viljandi, Estonia
Museum of Estonian Architecture, Tallinn, Estonia
In collaboration with Kadri Väljaste, William le Greley

The exhibition “Futures That Never Happened” was based on a research focusing on the impact of early Estonian household magazine “The Country Wife” (published 1927-1944) to the modernisation of rural life and architecture. The exhibition included newly commissioned architectural models, original textiles, documents and photographs from archives and a spatial installation built of timber and plywood. The method of research was to build large scale models based on the visionary and extreme spatial illustrations in the magazine and then take real-looking photos of them to play with the viewer’s perception of what is real and what a construction. The research and exhibition was developed for Estonia’s Centenary program in 2018 in collaboration with Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center and Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia.

In 2019, the project was repurposed and developed for the exhibition “A room of one’s own: a Feminist’s Questions to Architecture”, curated by Ingrid Ruudi at the Museum of Estonian Architecture.