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You Have Become the Space (Sinust on saanud see ruum)

Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tallinn, Estonia

An installation was designed for video artist Ingel Vaikla’s first solo exhibition “You Have Become the Space”. Vaikla’s work is based on the life of the last remaining nuns at the Roosenberg monastery, designed by the monk architect Dom Hans van der Laan in 1975. Working closely with the artist and the curator, it became clear that its softness and volatility that should guide and shape the installation. The final installation built of jute felt and timber was a spatial and acoustic environment for Vaikla’s slow and tactile film screenings and sound installations. An interview with the Belgian architect Caroline Voet, PhD who is specialised on the work of Dom Hans van der Laan, was conducted and edited for the exhibition catalogue (Lugemik:Tallinn, 2018).

Ingel Vaikla’s solo exhibition
Curated by Laura Toots
Photos by Anu Vahtra